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Absorbent Underpads - Ideal for sick pets, whelping, recovery from surgery, or extra protection.

ActivateCarbon dressing ideal for serious wounds.

Activ Scrub - Topical Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Cleanser

Aloe Cool Gel- Cools and soothes to provide relief to tired muscles and tendons.

Animalintex- The all-purpose veterinary poultice and wound dressing for use on horses and dogs.

Animalintex Hoof Shaped Poultice - Easy to use, no need to cut to shape.

Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser - Kills 99.9% common germs.

Anti-Chafe - Prevents chafing in all contact areas.

Arctic Blast Compression BandageWorks faster than ice needs no refrigeration.

Arctic Blast Cool Down Spray- Instant Relieving Cooling.

Arctic Blast Recharge -
quick, easy and economical way to reuse your Arctic Blast Rug and Compression Bandage.

Arctic Blast Rug - Instant cooling without ice or refrigeration.

B Boost A paste containing high dose B vitamins with Betaine. Fullfills the demand for B vitamins from strenuous activity and reduces lactic acid for reduced fatigue and quick recovery.

Blud-Boost - A hematinic supplement that provides bio-available iron with essential B Vitamins including folate, plus Copper, and amino acids Methionine, Glycine and Lysine.

Bone BuilderContains Silicon- Scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of bone injuries.

Cool Gel PadsFor use in reducing inflammation and swelling.

Cotton Wool - 100% Quality Cotton.

CR3 Chromium Plus- contains organic chromium, amino acids important to muscle performance and repair and Vitamin B6.

Digest Rite Calf - To assist and improve the digestion process in calves
Digest Rite PerformanceA multi-formulated supplement to assist with dietary related problems, such as tye up and acidosis in horses fed mainly hard feed.

Digest Rite Sport- A multi-formulated supplement to assist with dietary related problems, such as staggers and excitability in horses fed mainly pasture and hay.

ElectrolytesCorrectly formulated to replace vital salts and minerals lost through sweat.

Emergency Wound KitInstant first aid pack for bleeding injuries.

Equifix Skin Repair Cream- With high grade emu oil for skin irritations.

Equine RugArctic Blast Cooling Rug accelerate evaporative cooling, rapidly reducing body temperature.

Fecal Odour Eliminator- Eliminates all noxious odours. 

First Aid Combo Kit - For horse and rider.

First Aid Equine Kit - Specialised equine kit.

First Aid Riding Out Kit - Emergency items you need for a ride out.

Flex CanineThe mobility of your dog is dependent on it having pain-free joints.

Flex Equine PlusA new full scientifically proven formula of glucosamine , chondroitin, manganese, gelatin, zinc and copper but now with the newly discovered Undenatured Type II Collagen.

Fly Repellent- a natural deterrent to flies and biting insects.

Foal Milk - Specially formulated for the orphan foal.

Four FeetPromotes healthy hoof growth.

Fungal Shampooremoves embedded dirt, relieves minor fungal and bacterial skin infections and leaves the coat with a healthy sheen.

GamgeePadded dressing, ideal for box bandaging and dressing injuries.

Hoof PoulticeHoof shaped all purpose poultice and wound dressing.

Hoof Poultice Pack - All you need to poultice your horses hoof.

Hyperthermic coolantWorks rapidly to reduce temperature safely.

Instant Clean Pet Foam - No water, no bathing. Ideal for bath shy animals.

Kool Pak - Simply crush for instant ice.

Lillidale Horse and Pony Care - Top quality shampoos, oils, washes and sprays

Lysine T - Amino Acid Supplement that unlocks the protein in the Equine Athletes diet.

Minerals EverydayProvides a full balanced daily requirement.

Minerals PerformanceProvides a full balanced daily requirement.

Mud Pack - Combat uncomfortable skin conditions caused by winter mud.

Muscle MaxA nutritional supplement containing rice bran, natural antioxidants with gamma oryganzol, to improve muscle function and condition. 

Nasal Eze- is an effective product for horses showing upper respiratory tract problems.

Neutradol- Destroy animal odor problems.

Orthopaedic Padding Bandage- Retains shape and structure even when wet.

Paw Paw Ointment - Revives, soothes and moisturises.

Performance Support Airways - For horses involved in strenuous work.

Quicklyte- A paste containing electrolytes and chelated minerals for fast replacement of loss from sweat, ideal for pre or post competition or race.

RelaxNatural calming without sedation. Safe for use in racing and competition.

Seal-Onfor essential fast first aid.

Selenium K- Chelated (organic) Selenium with Kelp, a safe way to supplement Selenium.

Small Animal KitAll you need for your small animal in an emergency.

Sterile dressing- Perfect for surgical use when sterile dressing is required for immediate use.

Sunblock Powder- a unique powder formula that blocks all UVA and UVB rays.

Thermometers- Fast, safe and comfortable temperature readings.

Vetalintex - Sterile Wound Hydrogel

Virex- For relief of symptoms associated with viral respiratory infections.

Vitamin E- Antioxidant for horses on low pasture, or breeding stock or nervous animals.

VP-Plast Bandage- Elastic bandage thats extra sticky.

Waterless Shampoo- Washes without water.

Wrap - Medisportz Wrap is a Cohesive Elastic Bandage.


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