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Equine Athlete Nutriceuticals

blud boost300
A hematinic supplement that provides bio-available iron with essential B Vitamins including folate, plus Copper, and amino acids Methionine, Glycine and Lysine.

performance support 300
Performance Support - Airways
For the equine athlete involved in fast, strenuous work.

muscle max 300

Muscle Max
For improved performance and to maximise the efficiency of muscle metabolism.

bone builder new300 2016
Bone Builder

Contains Silicon- Scientifically proven to reduce the incidence of bone injuries.

digest sport 300
Digest- Rite Sport
A combination of pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, toxin binders and rice bran oil to enhance digestion and at the same time help maintain a healthy digestive tract.

digestrite perform 300 2016

Digest- Rite Performance

A multi-formulated supplement to assist with dietary related problems, such as tye up and acidosis in horses fed mainly hard feed.

chromium 300 2016
CR3 Chromium- Plus
Contains organic chromium, amino acids important to muscle performance and repair and Vitamin B6.

quicklyte 3001
Quick-lyte Paste

A combination of electrolytes and chelated minerals.

b boost 3001
B Boost Paste

Contains high levels of all the essential B group vitamins.

lysine 300
Lysine- T Supplement

Amino Acid Supplement that unlocks the protein in the Equine Athletes diet.

recovery boost 300

Recovery Boost
It has been specifically formulated to assist healing and recovery but will also assist horses with prolonged periods of immobility, or with the negative effects of toxin ingestion.
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