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First Aid & Veterinary

animallintex 300
The all-purpose veterinary poultice and wound dressing for use on horses and dogs.

animalintex Hoof poultice 300

Animalintex Hoof Shaped Poultice
Quick and easy to use, no need to cut to shape.

gamgee 300

Great for cushioning under bandaging.

Carbon dressing for serious wounds.

sealon 300
Seal-On Spray

SEAL-ON is a fine powder that rapidly absorbs blood from minor scrapes and grazes to form a gel-like layer over the wound.

pawpaw 300 2016
Pawpaw Ointment

A tropical treatment that revives, soothes and moisturizes, u
se on dry, chaffed and irritated skin.

Hoof poultice 300
Hoof Poultice
Easy to use, all purpose poultice dressing.

cotton wool
Cotton Wool
High quality 100% cotton.

VP Plast 300
VP- Plast Bandage
Elastic adhesive bandage.

supporta wrap bandage
Supporta Wrap Cohesive Elastic Bandage

Self adherent, high quality, veterinary support wrap.

orthoban 300
Orthopaedic Padding Bandage 

handsanitiser 300

Antimicrobial Hand Sanitiser

medisteripad 300

Medi-Steri Pads

Highly absorbent pad to assist with removal of wound exudates

vetalintex 300
Sterile wound hydrogel


Activ Scrub

Topical Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Cleanser
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