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Hoof Poultice

Hoof poultice 300
MEDISPORTZ HOOF POULTICE                           
An easy to use, all purpose, poultice dressing.
Instant first aid for feet – economical and easy to use. A must have in the stable, float or truck and in your equine first aid box. 
Each pack contains three hoof shaped poultices and should be applied at the first signs of tenderness or bruising.

Directions for use:
Wet the pad with boiled water cooled to 38C (100F).  When saturated squeeze out excess water.  Apply when still warm to the sole with plastic away from the foot (test the temperature on the back of your hand first to ensure it is not too hot).  Hold in place with a Medisportz Wrap,or if in the paddock Medisportz Plast bandage. Make sure some padding is placed around the heels so that the bandage will not be tight enough to restrict blood flow.

Cold Dressing:
As above but use cold water, or can also be applied chilled after refrigeration.

Dry Dressing:
Apply as above without soaking.
If condition persists seek advice from your Veterinarian. 
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