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petsunblock 300
Pet Sunblock Powder
For use on all white areas.

pet instant clean
Instant Clean Pet Foam
No water - no bathing. Ideal for bath shy animals.

pet coolant 300
Hyperthermic Pet Coolant
For hot pets left in cars or hot environments. 

Flex Canine PLus
Flex Canine
New Flex Canine Product for dogs now with the scientifically proven wonderful denatured Collagen type II as well as the full successful actives also proven to aid dogs with impaired joints

2dog skin repair 300 copy
Skin Repair Cream

Using the highest quality emu cream, 2 Dogs Skin repair Cream is effective and safe for canine skin. 

small animalkit 300
Small Pet First Aid Kit

This kit has been designed for the small pet owner. A variety of items that may assist in an emergency such as wounds, burns, grazes.

sealon 300
Seal-On Spray
For essential fast first aid.

neutradol 300
Neutradol Range

A Range of products targeted for various animal odour problems.

underpad 300
Absorbent Underpads
Ideal for sick pets, whelping, recovery from surgery or extra protection.

faecal 300
Fecal Odour Eliminator

pet fly repellent 300

Natural Fly Repellent

​A natural deterrent to those annoying flies and biting insects.

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