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2012 Winners

Welcome to 2012 Vetpro and Equine Trader photo competition winners.

“Horses in Action”
“Monique Bradley from Whangarei with one of her ponies in action doing mounted games. Turns out they had a bit too much fun going fast as Monique ended up concussed later that day. Monique reckons that fast fun is worth the pain though!”
Vetpro Photo of the Week Competition entrant - Monique Bradley

“Emma's favourite new trick for the camera!”
Hester Gerrand and Emma from Tuakau

"Superb View"
Sarah Bennett, Lincoln 
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"Monkeying around"
Ginie Murphy, Howick, Auckland
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"Black and white"
Sarah Hollings, Christchurch

"Pony Club theme"
Stacey Managh from Waitara (Rocky).
"Sunny days"
April H from Tauranga with "my family all on my little sister's horse, Sparrow"
April H

 "Mini Me"
"Here is a photo of Chester my appy hack with his little companion, a little miniature filly I bred. When I weaned her I noticed the other minis were bullying her and she became very depressed. Purely by chance I led her thru Chester's paddock and he came over to see her, decided he liked her and adopted her. They are inseparable and she adores him. When I take Chester for a ride she waits at the gate for him to return. My filly is called Pinehaven Scarlett Ohara and her paddock name is Mini Me." Valeria Walton, Waitoki, Auckland
 “Hooning on Riverton Beach”
Jesse Bythell, from Southland
 riccarton beachsml
A very frosty first ODE in Canterbury!
Tracy Legat
Steamy gear check (512x384)
The theme was “herd happenings”
Jen Ravens from Palmerston North with “I’m watching you”
herd happenings
"Autumn colours."
Candy Cain, Torbay, Auckland with “Golden Afternoon”
"The Wild Side"
Gemma Dear from Okuku, Rangiora, with “ Lenny showing us his party trick - Wild looking but completely planned!”
Terryn Kirkham from Whakamarama, Tauranga  
“Me and my beautiful horse Zami on my wedding day”
zami an mesml

“3hp mower”
Hayley Morgan from Helensville 
3hp mower

Pony of the year winner 2012 - Tegan "Go the Kais!!"
Jody Paddysml

Kate Chevin from Auckland with “AKSS Intercollegiate Ribbon Day”
AKSS Intercollegiate Ribbon Day 1

"perfect timing"
Toni Bryant from Ruatapu, Hokitika with “Can I please join the circus?”
Can I please join the circussml

Jo South from Seadown, Timaru with her hilarious photo "My mare Queen doing her Miss Piggy impersonation."
Miss Piggy

 "Equine Valentine"
Kate Lattey from Paraparaumu with her lovely photo "Me and Bittersweet taking a moment to relax." Kate says that she met Bits while working at summer camp in America and returned four more times so she could keep riding her. Sadly, Bittersweet passed away recently. She was Kate's "one in a million horse" and will be greatly missed by all who knew her.
Bits me pines2

Vicki Wilson from Hukerenui, Northland with her sister Amanda's great photo "Showtym Legend (paddock name Eagle), soaring over the waves at Whananaki Beach."
febCamp Beach 0265a

Shelley Thomson from Silverdale, Auckland with her great photo "Huey, Duey and Luette"
huey duey luette
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