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Kelly Blakemore

My name is Kelly Blakemore, I'm 18 years old, Ieft school when i was 15 because I got an opportunity to work with horses which I have always wanted to do.  I started working for Dave Gibbons in 2006 and have now been there 3 years.  I have always been around horses because my Dad has racehorses too.  After one year working with Dave I started driving at the trials, Dave would put me on all the horses he could, I then got my Junior drivers license and this is my first season. 

I had my first winner on my forth drive which was a trotter Dave called 'Mystic Gem' he was a tricky horse but I knew him well and got him round to win easy.
My second winner was 'Parfait Invasion' a horse i owned.
My third winner was 'Jupiter Franco' a pacer my Dad trained.
My forth winner was 'Me an Kel' a 3 year old trotter I own with my Dad.
I have had a few placings as well.  I have probably had about 50 drives now.
I love animals and love that i have had the chance to drive. 
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