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Susan, Robert & Sian Reid

Endurance Riders

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Susan Reid won the nationals on Achilles. (pictured above).

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July 2013

Thought you might like to see a picture of Robert out riding he is on Marty, (Kowhai Martini)
at the ride last weekend near Masterton.

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Cheers Sue


April 2013

We are just home from Taupo and the NZ National Endurance Champs a mixed weekend for us.  There were about 30 starters in the 160 including juniors only 10 horses completed and qualified most went out lame including both Fhantom at the end of leg three and Oscar in the represent of leg four.  A real pity as both horses were looking really good.
We had Autumn Hughes from Canada riding Makahiwi Callibre in the 1* 80km ride on Good Friday in which they finished 4th in his first open ride.
On Sunday Sian rode Blue in the other 1*80km and they were first which was a fantastic finish to his first season he looked great and did it easily.
Thanks to Vetpro for the continuing sponsorship that allows us to get our horses competing well and looking fantastic.
We are looking forward to next season when we can get Blue and Cal into 2* and hopefully their first 3* rides.
Thanks again for all your help.
Sue, Sian and Robert.


January 2013

Hi Team,
We had a great weekend away with the horses, weather conditions were pretty good for riding not too hot.
The 160km ride started at 1 am on Saturday morning, Sian and Misty and myself on Oscar.  There were 12 in the ride,  the track was fairly flat but concussive underfoot.  Unfortunately Misty was lame at the end of the 3rd loop. Oscar and I went on to finish in a time of 12hours 24minutes which I was pleased with I had thought I would like to finish in a 12 hour riding time.  I pulled back off  the main group in the first loop and with such a small field  we did most of the 160km on our own.  Only five horses completed the ride so I was pretty happy to be one of them we finished 5th.
On Sunday at 3 am Megan riding Fhantom started in the 120km ride and finished 6th both completing their first 2** ride.
Now we look forward to a couple of 80km rides before the Nationals in March.
We will be taking Blue out again now he has had a bit of a rest the aim for him is to do a 80k 1*  and the a 2* at the Nationals. Also hoping to get a couple of 40kms for Cally and Marty.
 Thanks for all your support.
 Sue, Sian and Robert.



Jan 2013

Hope all the team at Vetpro had a great time over Christmas and New Year.
Ours was fairly quiet but nice and relaxing.
We did go to the Kohuratahi Endurance ride last weekend and took Misty, Fhantom and Oscar taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Was a great weekend with perfect riding conditions not too hot and at times some misty rain.
The ride before that was Taupo a bit a preview of parts of the N I Champs ride unfortunately Blue did not feel quite right on track so we took him back to base where the vets did not put him out lame but we were eliminated for not finishing the course.  But we were happy with his performance but he did have a small swelling on his leg so we had put him out for a months rest so he will miss the N I Champs no drama though he is only young and has done very well so far.  The swelling was gone in a few days and he was not lame on it but rest will do him good.
So we are three weeks away from the NI Champs now and hopefully all on track for qualifying.  Misty's legs are better now but she is down on work so we will see how we go.  Oscar will be doing the 160km as well but just to qualify and clock up some k's.  Megan will be riding Fhantom in the 120km.
So thats what we have been up too.
Cheers and hope we have good news to report in a few weeks.
Sue, Sian & Robert.


August 2012

Hi Carol,
Hope you are all ok and keeping well.
Sian is still in America and camp has nearly finished she is looking forward to having a couple of weeks holiday before heading to Oregon were she has been really lucky and been offered a ride in a 100miler ride.  After that she has also been invited to stay with some other endurance riders and go to the National Endurance champs being held in Biltmore and possibly a ride in the 50 mile ride there.
After that she will be coming home and I am looking forward to her getting here.
I will need to put in an order shortly for the start of this season our first ride is around the 20th of September.  Both Blue and Cally have done a couple of 40k rides over the winter and went really well so are both ready to do their first 80k rides.  Chilli will be coming back into work this weekend after  his six month rest so hoping all is well with him.
Both Oscar and Fhantom are coming back into work this week as well so my winter holiday is over and back into the riding, my tracks are pretty wet and muddy at the moment so it will be slow going.
Cheers Sue

June 2012, 

We have had Blue and Cally out do do a few 40km rides and they are both going very well.  We went out to the Waiuku Forest on Sunday for Blue's 2nd 40km and Cally's 3rd and we had a great time the most excitement was on the beach when we met some trotters in harness going down the beach we went into reverse pretty quickly and their eyes were on stalks, but when we turned to go back down the beach we had to pass them again, we moved in nearer the water and they weren't sure which was the biggest evil the water or the trotters.

Sian is having a great time in America at camp and keeping very busy  they spent the first couple of weeks getting the horses in and ridden a bit before the kids arrived.  There are 8 international counsellors from NZ, South Africa, England, Ireland and America.
All for now.
Cheers Sue

April 2012,

What a fantastic trip we had the weather couldn't have been better and we had two smooth sailings.  We arrived in Blenheim and stayed with a good friend for the night giving the horses a really good rest before travelling to Hawarden on the Wednesday before Easter.
We took AA Oscar, AA Fhantom and Mauku Mystique (owned by Maeve & Pete McLlellan, Kohuratahi.)  The three horses travelled well and we stopped off to Rodney King the farrier who came to Abu Dhabi with the junior team and he padded the horses for us.
Sian arrived on Thursday afternoon flying down after finishing work, Sian was riding Mauku Mystique in the 160km ride after winning the 100km North Island ride and qualifying at Taupo in a 120km early March.  The weather was great for riding a full moon to light the way there were 23 starters at 1am with 6 loops the first being 38km.  Vetting after the first loop saw 5 horses vet out mostly lame.  The ground was concussive and the ride organisers had strongly suggested that horses were padded.  Sian and Misty went out on the 2nd loop with the leading group of riders which was about seven.  The second loop of 36km presented the problem of the fog dropping in and making finding markers difficult however all riders got around without too much trouble.
As the day progressed the numbers in the leading group got down to four with Andrea Smith on last years National Champion Glenmore Tariq, Sian, Jenny Champion and Mark Tylee as the race to get into the the vet ring first and get time advantages was critical.  Sian and Andrea went out on the 5th loop with a few minutes lead on Jenny and Mark this loop was 18km and the ladies extended their lead in this loop.  So Andrea and Sian went out again on the last leg another 18km basically together which gave everyone the sense of excitement with maybe a gallop finish.  This was Misty's first attempt at a 160km ride and we really wanted a finish and so were hoping that they would sort it out on track and they did deciding to come over the line holding hands.  A special day for us as the rules of the sport are there can only be one winner and Misty's head was over the line first so Sian and Mauku Mystique are this years NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.
This is special for us as Pip the owner of Makahiwi Achilles is the daughter of Maeve and Pete so really fantastic that we have got together and have now with them as owners and us as riders have now bagged two National Titles.
I rode AA Oscar in the 100km ride as he has been a bit off form for the last 12months or so but he seems to have turned a corner and gave me a very fast and exciting ride.  We ended up coming in for  a gallop finish with Frank Aldridge from Wellington unfortunately for me Oscar thought he was very clever and would turn before the finish line to go back to the truck and I couldn't hold him on course ending up with a fall (thank god for helmets) so we ended up second but thrilled to have Oscar back to his normal cheeky self.
Unfortunatly Fhantom went out lame with 18km to go in the 120km ride.  However we had a fantastic weekend and are very happy with the horses.
They are turned out now for the winter joining Achillies on his rest.  We will ride Blue and Cally over the winter hoping to get them to some training rides and have them ready for the start of next season.  Cally has finally kicked off his endurance career about a month ago we took him to a 40km ride, unfortunaltly Blue who was meant to go to had a puffy leg on the morning of the ride.
Sian is off to camp America to work for their summer she is going to North Carolina and is really looking forward to that and will be back in NZ for next season.
Thanks again to the team at Vetpro and the sponsorship and advice you have given us.
Cheers Sian, Sue and Robert



March 2012,

Sorry I have not been in touch for awhile.  We are all well and have been busy with a few rides.  I can't remember if I emailed after the NI Champs, we had a mixed bag there, Sian did very well in the 100km event wining it,  riding for friends.  Both Oscar and Chilli went out lame and young Fhantom did the 80km.
We then went to Waitomo ride at Pio Pio where Robert rode Achilles and came 1st and both Oscar and Fhantom qualified the ride.  A great ride but fairly difficult with lots of hill country so we were delighted with how the horses performed.
We got home late last night from the FEI ride that Auckland Woodhill and Taumaranui ran the weather was really bad on Saturday like a lot of the country, our ride was postponed until yesterday.  The ride was based at the Taupo Equestrian Centre and the track itself was really good very enjoyable riding and the weather was pretty perfect on Sunday at one stage we rode down beside the highway in a paddock and the triathletes were cycling past us it was really great waving out to each other and the supporters for the Iron man were very supportive of us as well cheering us along.
Robert rode Achilles and I rode riding Fhantom in the 120km ride unfortunately we both went out Robert lame and myself metabolic.  A good friend rode Oscar in the 80km 1* and qualified gaining her first 1* ride.  Sian again rode the horse she rode at the NI champs Mauku Mystic and qualified the 120km we are hoping that she will be riding this horse at the Nationals at Easter in the 160km ride.
The Nationals are near Christchurch this Easter so we are now re evaluating which horses will be going.  I will be in touch again soon.

Jan 2012

Good Morning,
Hope you are well, isn't it a beautiful day.  And no wind, we spent the whole 4 days at the Champs in the wind, and it was cold too but good riding conditions for the horses.  Of course it was really good it did not rain until after the rides were finished. and then it wasn't to much.
We had a mixed result our own horses Makahiwi Achillies and AA Oscar vetted out lame both after lap 3, Chilli in the 160km and Oscar in the 120km.
AA Fhantom did the 80km ride and finished 6th which we are delighted with as the track was very hard under foot.
Sian rode Mauku Mystique for friends and won the 100km ride so we were thrilled with that result.
A lovely mare who is 8 years old so a good endurance career in front of her.
Thanks again for the ongoing support of Vetpro.
Susan, Robert & Sian.


December '11

So sorry I have not been in touch but it has been a crazy three weeks.  The ride was on Saturday and was won by Uruguay with Australia 2nd and Uruguay 3rd.  The NZ horses went well unfortunately pre ride vetting took one of our horses out so we made the start line with three which was minimum for a team finish.
Sian and AA Sabatage were the first New Zealanders home in 28th position a real strong finish for them and Tessa Duess and Georgia Smith finished well not to far behind.
Giving New Zealand 6th place in the teams event out of 18 full teams entered.  There were 30 countries here and 77 starters.
We have really enjoyed Abu Dhabi and the hospitality from the OC.
Was a sad day yesterday as we could not bring AA Sabatage home with us we had to sell him.  He has gone along with the two other New Zealand horses to the trainer Joume Ponti Dachs who trained the last winner of the last two Endurance World Championships.  So he has a good home.
Will send you some photos when I get a minute or two more, just trying to catch up on a lot.
Cheers Sue

July '11

Firstly thank you very much for our on going sponsorship we really do appreciate Vetpro and the products we are able to use for our horses, they are performing very well for us and looking great to.
More fantastic news Sian and AA Sabatage have been selected onto the team of young riders going to Abu Dhabi for the World Champs in December. The horses will be leaving around the 20th of November and the ride is 120km on the 10th of December.
Not much else for news, we are very very wet here so hopefully another few fine days might help dry things up a little.
Sue, Sian & Robert



June '11

I hope this email finds you and all the staff at Vetpro well, we are all fine the horses are enjoying a bit of a rest, although in saying that Oscar is only 23kms off getting his 5000km award so we will probably take him to a small ride in the next month.
Just thought I would send you an email to keep you up to date, we have some exciting news, Sian and AA Sabatage have been selected on the long list to the
Junior/Youth Endurance World Championship being held in Abu Dhabi on the 10th of December this year.  AA Oscar was also qualified.
The short list will be announced later in June.
I am also off to Brisbane next week to attend an Endurance conference, which is the first of its kind in this part of the world.  There are vets, nutritionists, trainers the list goes on.
We are also in the early stages of planning our trip to the Tom Quilty in Adelaide at the end of September.  We are taking Makahiwi Achilles over for the competition.
So as you see even though the season is over here in NZ there is still lots going on for us.
Kind regards
Sue, Robert and Sian


Endurance is very much a family sport for us, with my husband Robert, myself and Sian competing and supporting each other.  We are very much a team unit, we all train, compete and strap, although due to an injury Robert is only just coming back into riding.

Arctic Blast Rugs and Bandages,
"Our Arctic Blast Rugs are proving their worth after clearing the preliminary Vet Ring and before any re inspection.  Kevin James, High performance Director, Endurance New Zealand, has recommended the use of Arctic Blast Rugs to Endurance New Zealand."

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