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Vanessa Way

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Feb 2012

Hi everyone!
I thought I would send you a quick update from the land of "Chill blaines"
Arvan travelled exceptionally well. I really think being able to have the bar infront of his chest removed so he was able to get his head down the entire flight was the key.
So three days later, with a few countries, and heat climaxes under our belt, we finally arrived "Hestor Heaven".
Arvan was literally jumping out of his skin, and my plans of walking only for the first week had to have a slight change of course for his own mental safety However he is back to being the good boy on the block with Englands dressage legend Trish Gardiner taken up the reins as his hacking rider.
This yard is so incredible with expert eyes helping you daily, something im taking full advantage of.
Carls up and coming star working pupil Katie Bailey and I had full responsibility of the riding this week as Carl and Charlotte were competing in Florida. It has been a dream week, and hopefully I have done an alright job and dont get the sack!!!
They arrive home on Monday so Im really excited and looking forward to my first lessons with Arvan -- COOL!!
Well its time to work again. The days are long with 6.15am starts finishing around 6pm, but worth every second.Having the opportunity to ride such incredible horses surrounded by fantastic riders is worth every box I muck out
Sighning off
Arvan and Vanessa

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HOY update 2010,

Hi Carol! It was a fantastic show ! It really is by far my highlight of the year! Even when the horses decide to not cooperate I manage to have a splendid time!
Well this year the boys did perform well. My baby 6 year old was a very brave boy and competed in the medium in the main ring. He did still do a few spooks but managed a top five in all his classes so that was great!
KH Arvan was reserve Champion Horse of the Year in the Grand Prix. He is also very young in this grade and we still managed mistakes in his test, however he won the inter 2! Watch out next season!
Thanks again for your fantastic products. They really help keep my horses in top performance!
Thanks again
Vanessa Way

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